The Drumming DJ from Steven Kruis on Vimeo.

KRUZOS, Drumming DJ

Let’s start with the most important thing. Kruzos is a Drumming DJ. A Drumming DJ? Yes! THE Drumming DJ, who is not only  turning the tables but is playing the drums at the same time! This unique and new cross-over act will take you to the next level: more beats, more entertainment, more dancing! How does it work? Kruzos will pimp up some of the best existing music with his own funky drumming beats. This doesn’t only mean that people will love to hear this act, but they will also get surprising visual entertainment.  More show, more party and more fun!

So if you are looking for an act to that will bring some real flavour to your event to take it to another level, you are at the right place. Your audience is going to love the show!

The vision of Kruzos is to renew the boundaries of music and entertainment. That also means that the Drumming DJ is not focusing on one single genre. He will play everything which let the crowd dance or get them entertained.

Now, there has been enough talking, let’s give you an intro, a feeling of what you might can expect by watching the video above

Relax, sit back and enjoy…Let’s get a party started!