Let’s start with the most important thing. Kruzos is a drumming DJ. A drumming DJ you ask? No, not in that playbackshow-kind-of-way. He is performing a DJ-act while playing the drums! This original and new, improved way of mixing music – in combination with drumming – has enriched a lot of parties.

How does this work? He pimps up existing music with his own drumming beats. This doesn’t only mean that people will love hearing this act, also visually they will be loving it.

As a main act you can hire Kruzos to entertain your entire crowd: young – old, male – female. The only requirement is a shared passion for music. If you are looking for an act to bring your event to another level, you are at the right place. Your audience is going to love the show!

DJ Kruzos offers you different styles, such as Dance, (Dance)Classics, House, Electro, Bubbling, Pop and sometimes adds a touch of Rock. Actually, whatever music you like to hear, he will bring it to live.

For more information, feel free to check the rest of the website, we would love for you to make a little tour.

Now, there has been enough talking, let’s give you an intro, a feeling of what you might expect.
Relax, sit back and enjoy…