It all started when Steven Kruis was six and got his first drum-kit. They tried to get him away from that drum but didn’t succeed. Obviously. Since he was twelve, he was a drummer in various Rock, Pop and Funk bands. A trip to an orkestra or reggaeton was no exception.

The name Kruzos is in connection with the back name from Steven which is Kruis. Some of his friends at high school used to call him Kruz, Kruzo and finally Kruzos.

His passion for DJ’ing started on children discos at elementary school, where a simple CD player and some speakers were sufficient. Nowadays a big event is no exception at all. He has had the honor to entertain people at weddings, pool parties, sweet sixteen parties, company parties, school events, new year’s eve parties and even an ice-rink opening.

At a certain point in Kruzos life he wanted to do the two things he enjoys the most at the same time. So he put a turning table next to his Drums and a lot of magic happend. As he has been preparing for years and intensively prosecuting the activity of Drumming DJ, he’s looking forward to put your event on his done-list.